From Concept to Manufacturing


The images below illustrate the evolution of a complex project, stage by stage, from concept to manufacturing and installation.

From ideas and sketches all the way to manufacturing, providing all you need to develop your products in a timely and efficient manner.

I count on specialists in fields such as:

– Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

– Welding calculations

– Cathodic protection calculations and design

And I take care of the rest of the tasks:

– Concept design

– CAD design

– Manufacturing drawings

– 3D printing (if needed)

– Creation of graphic material, manuals, animations and much more.




Many people working in industrial fields are not aware of the power of visuals. By creating appealing renderings of the designs many things can be achieved.

Creating visuals at the stage of concept, helps to sell the ideas to potential investors or even convince team members about some aspects of the design.

During the design process, these visuals help to convey ideas and share these with the people involved. Some people would say that at this stage the aesthetics of these images is not important, but I strongly believe the opposite is true. Creating beautiful renders, even during the design stage, helps keeping the passion for the design, people get excited and the design process is usually boosted incredibly.

Once the design is finished, having great visuals, such as realistic rendering or video animations, adds a great value to the product.

Visuals alone worth nothing. But a great design with great graphic material is a sure success.